Sunday, December 05, 2004

Should you join the ASP?

For some time I was wondering if joining the ASP (Association of Shareware Professionals) is a good idea. I knew it will be helpful to me but was hesitant to part with $100.

Well I had finally decided to join and have done this on 1st Dec, just 5 days ago. Let me share my impressions with you.

The Forums

I had heard that the private newsgroups are the biggest benefit you get when joining. Nevertheless I was impressed with the number of posts.

Take a look at the screen shot from my newsreader:

These are the counts of unread posts for the last 3 years. Impressive, huh? Not only there is plenty of relevant information but the average poster is very experienced in the software/shareware field. I was pleasantly surprised.

Now you can get a competent answer to your questions that were roaming your head for so long!


ASPects is a monthly newsletter sent to the ASP members. It’s really nice and contains information written exclusively for it that you can’t find anywhere else.

And if you are in a research mood; there are a hundred issues to read from the 90s. Take a look at the first issue dating back from 1988!

Other benefits?

Furthermore you can get numerous discounts on software sold by ASP members. They range from 30% to getting the software free.

The Community

One of the unexpected benefits to me was the feeling to be a part of a great community and being able to have contacts with the successful people of the industry.

So should you join the ASP?
The answer seems obvious: Yeah, definitely!